RMG Rebranding Concepts

Web Design, Branding, User Experience

Reliability Management Group allowed me to create rebranding concept pages for its website and looked to enhance its brand with a fresh design using the current logo. Without modifying much content, my goal for this project was to restructure the site and to rearrange information on new pages that created a logical flow.

Above is the homepage, which includes basic information about RMG and its services, as well as a video about the company. A common footer across several pages contains links to three internal pages, all of which are aspects that potential customers would be interested in, and therefore are important to include as often as possible.

For the contact page of RMG’s site, I combined general and regional contact information with career information, simply because RMG was only hiring for one position at the time of this redesign. However, the content is still hierarchical and all information can be seen at a glance. At the top left of the page, which is most often the first part viewers attend to, is the general contact information. In the gray box, I highlighted regional contact information. The eye is then drawn to the career information because of the call-to-action button in RMG yellow.

In addition to rearranging and restructuring the information, I also made efforts to rebrand RMG in terms of colors used, which correspond to the exact red, yellow, and blue in the current logo. I used light gray as a background color to highlight information within the body and, as in the page below, I used dark gray for inactive buttons.

Above is the company news page I created. RMG had a listing of publications written by its esteemed employees, as well as a list of shows and seminars the company attended or will attend. To combine these categories, I designed one page with a toggle function to switch between the information. As a result, the information is much more concise and adds a unique element to the overall website.

If the company news page were to be developed, RSS feeds could be implemented to make inputting additional publications or seminars much easier. Since these page designs are just conceptual, there is a lot of potential for the future.