Web Design, User Experience

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As R1Soft’s business and brand continued to grow, the company recognized the need for a Frequently Asked Questions page. FAQ pages are fairly self-explanatory – they should answer the questions most frequently asked by customers. This was an important project for R1Soft because it would save customers’ time sending messages and waiting for responses, and the company’s time tending to repetitive calls and emails.


Typically, customers navigate to FAQ pages with a specific question in mind and prefer an easy search for the answer. Therefore, I began this project with the goal to enable users to identify the right questions and find answers efficiently.


At the time this FAQ page was to be launched, there were five frequently asked questions and their respective answers. I tinkered with various page formats and determined the most versatile designs were those that could be modified with more content, while keeping the functionality and aesthetic intact. To enhance the customer experience, I adopted accordion functionality, which allows users to locate the right questions more easily. Why make the customer scroll through information they’re not interested in? The accordion allows customers to skim the page with minimal effort.


To create an even more intuitive interface, I integrated a plus sign that exposes the answer for each question. On click, the plus sign turns into a close sign to minimize the answer.


Of R1Soft’s 48,000 average monthly website visits, 3,400 (7%) reach the FAQ page. I predict that, once more data is available, R1Soft will receive less calls and achieve higher rates of conversion due to customer views of this FAQ page. Additionally, product trial CTAs and links to other website pages within the answers will help with conversion rates.