R1Soft FAQ Page

Web Design, User Experience

As R1Soft’s brand and business continued to grow, it recognized the need to anticipate and organize a frequently asked questions page for its customers and potential customers. I designed the FAQ page in an appealing and easily readable format. However, the most important goal for my design was functionality. I wanted to create an intuitive design that provided the exact information viewers needed to know.

To best achieve this, I designed an accordion format in which viewers can easily see all FAQs and expand any particular question by clicking on it. To enhance the intuition of clicking on a question to view to answer, I made the bullets of this list plus signs, which typically mean there is more information within. After viewers click on a question, the plus sign turns into an X, which is a typical symbol meaning to close.

This FAQ page design was, and remains, implemented on the R1Soft website with the top five most frequently asked questions. In the future, this design can be modified by adding or changing questions without altering the functionality or overall appeal of the page, which is why this design fulfills the task’s specifications.