Nat Geo X-treme (Concept)

Web Design, User Experience


This conceptual project for a web design class showcases several webpages for the fictional National Geographic sub-brand, Nat Geo X-treme.


Playing on the fantastic imagery that National Geographic is famous for, I focused these webpages, especially the homepage, on high quality photographs. Yet, I wanted to keep Nat Geo X-treme separate from its parent brand, so my goal was to use these high quality photos to demonstrate extreme sports and advertise services.


To achieve my vision, I Photoshopped pieces of real-world photographs together to create surreal, extreme experiences. Blown up on the homepage, these creations were meant to drop users in the middle of extreme worlds and induce excitement and adrenaline. As a nod to the parent brand, the gold rectangle frames the subject of each photo as if to say, “Picture yourself here.”


There is no better way to describe your services to potential customers than to show them in action – literally, in this case. The Adventures page emphasizes the extreme photography once again, but in a format in which photo captions are easily readable and services are distinguishable by category. A drop down menu that is easy to navigate allows potential customers to spotlight the category of adventure they are seeking and simply book on the spot.


Although this project was conceptual, it accurately represents on-brand website design and intuitive user experience trends.