GE Lighting App

App Design, User Experience

For this project, I chose the conglomerate, General Electric, and organized its products and services in an app designed for tablets. This app sorts the products of GE Lighting in particular. The images above walk users through the initial steps of the app and display GE Lighting’s products in the variety of industries that the company operates in. For example, I highlighted accent and feature lighting in a retail space.

With goals of simplicity and visibility, I wanted to explain exactly how a retail space would look given the wide range of GE Lighting systems. Therefore, using a filter function, similar to Instagram’s, the GE Lighting app directly compares lighting options and demonstrates the different features in the same retail space, which essentially creates a photo comparison. Each filter contains detailed information about each lighting system. Furthermore, clients can request additional information using a contact form.

To create the images for this app, I used Photoshop to portray the effect of different lighting systems being applied to the same retail space and used Illustrator to create all graphic elements. Overall, the success of this project was measured through usability testing. The biggest finding was that having both a visual and written description of the lighting systems enhanced clients’ confidence in choosing the right option for their specific industry and space.