Continuum Landing Pages

Web Design, User Experience

This challenge required the design of two landing pages for Continuum Managed Services, one for a product demo and another for a product trial. The ultimate goal was to persuade viewers to fill out and submit the form on each page, which would allow the Continuum marketing team to follow up with potential clients.

My initial research question was what viewers wanted to see first, either the product information or the contact form. In other words, I needed to determine if the form would be filled out more often if it was on the left or right side of the pages. Therefore, I performed an A/B test through HubSpot over the period of two weeks, which concluded that viewers prefer to have product information on the left and the form on the right. Keeping this more successful layout in mind, I designed both the demo and trial pages in Illustrator.

The page above is the demo landing page. According to Continuum, the purpose of a demo is for potential customers in the evaluation phase of the buying process to explore the uses of the product. In this phase, potential customers only need the basic information regarding the product, which is why content on the demo page is more concise.

The trial landing page is viewed most often when potential customers are in the decision-making phase of the buying process and want to further explore how the product works. Therefore I included more detailed information about the product, as well as a testimonial and links to other pages in the site where potential customers can learn more. Both of these pages were developed in HubSpot by building custom templates and using the page editor.

Although the success of these particular landing pages was short lived because of a company rebranding, the research findings and marketing principles remain true in Continuum’s current pages, that the contact form is more successful on the right side of the pages and that the content corresponds with the specific audience of each page.