Bentley Campus Maps

App Design, Graphic Design, Wayfinding

Bentley University’s campus has a lot to offer its visitors and residents. Yet, some of its services remain unknown to these main audiences. Furthermore, students were never given one comprehensive Bentley map because no one had ever created one. That was exactly the challenge I undertook in this project.

Through the creation of a mobile app, my goal was to include every possible activity, service, and facility that students could utilize, and organize them in a way that was not overwhelming to app users. Therefore, the best solution was to separate these amenities into unifying categories and create a unique map for each. Users select the category they want to view, while GPS tracking shows their location in proximity to that category’s amenities.

Users can zoom in on any map, which is when pins appear on buildings that offer more than one amenity in a category. Users can select a building to see detailed information regarding the activities, services, and facilities available there. By swiping right, users can return to their zoomed in map. Additionally, at any point in time, users can change the category of the map they are viewing.

Though this design is simplified, it has the potential to become very complex. Currently, the categories are entirely separate, even though some buildings contain amenities in multiple categories. Therefore, this concept of a mobile app has room to grow into something much more comprehensive. Nonetheless, this design provides accurate information at a glance and is clear and easy to understand.