Work - Boston Children's Hospital

Boston Children's Hospital (Concept)

Graphic Design


This conceptual project completed for a graphic design course brings universal signage to Boston Children’s Hospital as a way to distinguish each hospital wing for patients, parents, and employees.


Although the project goal was to create signage that is universal, my design goal was to simultaneously evoke the tenacious, courageous, and fierce spirit of the patients at Boston Children’s Hospital.


To achieve my vision, I decided to work with a concept of wild animals that are generally described as ferocious. Keeping the target audience (children under 21) in mind, I designed the wild animals in a playful and childish way. Therefore, the signs would be fearless and friendly at the same time.


To bring this fearless and friendly objective one step further, I designed the wild animals to be roaring – or are they smiling? These signs could be seen as either, depending on the patient’s day, attitude, or mood. I completed the signs by matching each wild animal to one of the five colors of Boston Children’s Hospital’s wings.


Although conceptual, this project succeeds in unifying the wings of Boston Children’s Hospital and reaffirms the bravery of every patient, parent, and employee.