Boston Children's Hospital Wing Icons

Graphic Design, Wayfinding

Boston Children’s Hospital has some of the most determined, tenacious, and fiercest patients and staff. In an effort to redesign the icons for each of the five hospital wings, my objective was to bring that courageous attitude to life and keep in mind the target audience that ranged from infants to 21 year olds.

I designed these five icons using animals that emulate those strong characteristics. These animals are the most ferocious on the planet, which is why their mouths are open, asserting their strength and courage in a roar. The roars can also be viewed as smiles, since the icons are meant to be playful and childlike.

The most successful part of this project is the implementation of the theme that combines fearless animals with a friendly design. The theme unifies the different wings of Boston Children’s Hospital and reaffirms the bravery of every patient and employee.